Why Intellisys?

Imagine a platform that provides automation to every aspect of a software portfolio life-cycle:
from maintenance, to rationalization, to optimization, to modernization… Read further to find out more!
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Traditionally organizations have “managed” their IT applications using a combination of support personnel, tools and third-party service vendors. However, as the number of applications has grown, and existing ones have become more complex, this methodology has become very inefficient. Documentation has fallen by the wayside with most of the intrinsic knowledge of an application residing in the minds of multiple personnel supporting it. Maintenance has become error-prone as over 70% of organizations report that they do not have current documentation on their applications. The longer term crippling effect has been the assignment of large portions of IT budgets to maintenance instead of to new development, rationalization, optimization and modernization of systems to modern technologies and platforms.

Imagine a platform that provides automation to every aspect of a software portfolio life-cycle: from maintenance, to rationalization, to optimization, to modernization.

Imagine a platform that:
Supports the documentation, rationalization, optimization and modernization of applications written in multiple languages, both legacy and modern

Is customizable to support additional languages

Can be installed on-site, or hosted

Is web-based and hence accessible to authorized personnel via the intranet or internet

Supports proposed methodologies like DevOps

Generates automated documentation of software applications written, or being written in any language supported by the platform

Enables on-going automated updates of generated documentation

Automatically exports business rules to state-of-the-art third party products such as Business Rule Engines (BRE), Business Process Management (BPM) tools and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms

Presents documentation in various formats to facilitate the training of support personnel, the creation of multi-disciplinary teams and the delivery of artifacts that are understandable and valuable to business analysts

Performs impact analysis on applications in response to change requests and bug fixes, thereby allowing organizations to determine the true consequences of changes and helping to create more realistic time and cost estimates

Gives support personnel the capabilities to keep your portfolio optimized and thus more relevant to the business

Provides features to extract business rules and processes so that a path to modernization for each application may be charted

Allows re-factoring of extracted logic in preparation for transformation to more modern, supportable and efficient environments

Provides a high-degree of automated transformation of applications written in legacy languages to applications written in modern languages that are maintainable, scalable and have no run-time dependencies

The Intellisys Platform is the ‘must-have’ platform to aid organizations as they navigate their application portfolio through the life cycle of maintenance (documentation and impact analysis), rationalization (business rules extraction), optimization (code re-structuring) and modernization (migration to COTS products or modern languages). This platform leads to substantial increases in productivity, making maintenance, rationalization, optimization and modernization much more reliable and cost effective.
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