As a business, you have decided that you need to modernize some of your legacy applications. There are lots of reasons for modernization – move to the cloud, update business processes, replace outdated technical environment and so on.

The organization may have already started to try legacy modernization process and that should start with documenting what the current application landscape looks like and what each application actually does.

Documentation is the critical foundation to rationalization or modernization. To produce the documentation, you need two types of people:

  1. Those that understand the language that the legacy applications are written in.
  2. Those that know what business rules the application actually does.

The challenge is that when you try to document large legacy applications there are millions of lines of code that are all interrelated that were probably written in individual styles rather than according to a standard, so the code will not be interpreted in a standard way.

So, the solution is to automate the process so that the automation tool can interpret all the “spaghetti code” and produce reports in a standardized format.

Intellisys from EvolveWare is a tool that automates the complete legacy application lifecycle from documentation through business rules extraction to modernization.

However, one of the challenges in introducing an automation tool is the staff that currently do the work manually will feel threatened for their jobs and incomes.

This means that any plans to do rationalization or modernization is not just a technical challenge it is a personnel issue as well. If you have legacy applications, then you need to have a team of staff that can maintain those applications.

When you decide to replace those applications, it is necessary to convince staff that they are valuable to the organization when those legacy applications are being replaced.

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