Organizations are moving to more and more rapidly to the cloud to gain more flexibility and competitive advantage. They are also looking to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to provide the technical environment for their new cloud-based solutions.

A lot of this drive comes from the business side of the organization because of the flexibility they get and the reductions in costs from not having to run and maintain expensive data centers. According to Gartner during 2017 more than 80% of CIOs will have been pressurized by the business to move to cloud-based solutions.

While these moves make sense from a financial perspective they do lead to significant business disruption as no move from one infrastructure approach to a totally different one is going to be painless.

There seem to be 2 approaches when moving from a data center to a cloud-based infrastructure:

  1. Lift and Shift. This approach means that applications are moved to the cloud with as little intervention as possible. Changes are avoided unless absolutely necessary and the migration goes as far as to move existing application management services from the data center to the cloud. Theoretically, this is the simple route to take but it does not deliver any real value except it might reduce application running costs. This approach does not take any advantage of the cloud-based tools and facilities and it certainly does not deliver any benefit to the business.
  2. Application Migration. This approach is more time consuming and does not mean existing data centers can be retired as some significant applications will continue to be hosted in-house during the migration process. This approach allows for the applications to be optimized and modernized to take advantage of cloud capabilities and at the same time to rationalize the application portfolio.

EvolveWare’s Intellisys platform can be helpful in either scenario. The documentation will enable the organization to understand what the applications are doing so that the organization is actually migrating. If migration is the chosen option then Intellisys has facilities that allow organizations to analyze, optimize and migrate the application to web services that can then be deployed to the cloud.

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