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EvolveWare brings flexibility and automation to a customer’s IT department with products that mitigate risk, increase productivity and result in substantial savings in effort, time and cost. Intellisys automates the assessment, documentation, review, analysis, audit, business rules extraction, optimization and migration of software applications

Our Customers


United States Air Force

With EvolveWare’s automated optimization and migration solution, we were able to modernize and migrate a critical U.S. Air Force education and promotion data system in record time. We were astonished to find how fast we were able to transform an old, undocumented system into a modern, multi-tiered architecture in Java.

Retired Lt. Gen. William Lord
United States Air Force

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This product has made available COBOL code to a large group of people who would otherwise not been able to understand it. Many of these people are technical but not fluid in COBOL or programming on a mainframe. They can see the relationships between programs, where attributes are being used/changed; preparing them as artefacts for change.
I find it an extremely helpful agent for modernization. While we have not used it as a quality control venue, its architecture facilitates change review and impact analysis.

Mike Hahn
Technical Lead
Information Technology – Enterprise Integration

diligent consulting

Diligent Consulting Inc.

We have partnered with EvolveWare for over 5 years. Their solutions are far superior to any others we have looked at and they continue to innovate and mature their product so that they are always on the leading edge of technology. We have used them successfully to rescue US Air Force code and modernize it, and we now use the Intellisys solution exclusively for our customers’ needs around Application Rationalization. In partnership with them, we have developed a premier solution for helping our customers understand their millions of lines of legacy code and giving them evidence to make smart decisions for the disposition of their applications – and a roadmap for success.

Pete Fredericksen
Senior Vice President, Diligent Consulting Inc.

Arlington County

Arlington County

Through design, automatic conversion based on EvolveWare’s automated legacy conversion product, manual coding, and testing, their team efficiently executed a well-planned process…the project began on 15 April 2009 and was completed at the end of February 2010, a very aggressive schedule, which was met on budget.

Applications Manager
Arlington County, VA


Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, U.K.

It is amazing how quickly the agency was able to document, modernize and create target specifications for this large mission-critical application when over 2 years had been wasted in failed attempts using other methodologies. The speed and cost at which this project was completed surpasses anything we have seen in areas on re-learning and documenting applications.

Department of Health & Human Services

Using EvolveWare’s Legacy Modernizer solution helped us in achieving our target of extracting business rules from the patient claims processing module of the State’s Medicaid system. The tool’s automated extraction abilities and feature set allowed subject matter experts to identify the embedded rules with a very high level of accuracy. The project met a very aggressive schedule and was completed in time on a fixed budget.

BRE Project Manager
Department of Health Services U.S. State Government

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