Application Rationalization

Strategize your portfolio for consolidation, optimization and modernization with automated documentation, impact analysis and extraction of business rules and processes. Install Intellisys.

Missing Files
Graphical Representations
Database Activity
Business Logic

Performed by Intellisys

Gather the source code files of applications to be rationalized. Process the code through the Intellisys Platform to build a repository of meta-data for each application. Missing files for each application will be flagged so that they may be located, processed and their meta-data appended to the appropriate repository. Use Intellisys to generate detailed documentation from the extracted meta-data.

Derive Business Rules & Processes from extracted business logic

Performed by Intellisys

Consolidate the extracted business logic into rules and processes using business rules derivation features provided in Intellisys. The automation provided by these features not only ensures that all the embedded rules and processes are identified, but they make the task of aligning the applications to business processes simpler and faster than if done manually.

3. Determine Cost of Maintenance

Performed by Business/Finance/IT personnel

Determine the real cost of maintaining each application including hardware cost, cost of licenses, support personnel costs etc.

4. Relate Maintenance Cost to Business Functions Provided

Performed by cross functional team of Business/Finance personnel

Assign the maintenance cost to the departments whose business processes are being provided by the applications.

5. Analyze Functional / Technical Quality

Performed by Business/IT personel

Determine the “business value” of the applications by evaluating their functional and technical quality, viz.

a. How well is the application meeting the business needs for a particular business process? Factors to be considered include ease of use, dependency of other applications on the application being evaluated, dependency of the application being evaluated on other applications, criticality of an application to the business, and whether the application is used to satisfy a legal requirement.

b. How well does the application meet technical standards and practices? Factors to be considered include reliability, scalability, interface complexity, data integrity, and support risk.

Consolidate or Modernize

Performed by Business/IT personnel using Intellisys generated results

Create a plan to consolidate and optimize the applications to reduce duplications, improve functional and technical quality, and save on support costs. The generation of documentation, business rules extraction, optimization, and modernization functionality in Intellisys helps organizations to identify duplicate rules and processes, optimize functions, and evaluate the modernization options of going to BRE, BPM Tools, ERP Platforms or modern code.

7. Develop Business Case for Roadmap

Performed by Business personnel

Develop a business case to demonstrate the business and financial value of consolidating or transforming the applications as proposed in the roadmap.

Below are the solutions that Intellisys offers for Application Rationalization: