Install on-site or access hosted installation via a web-browser. Pay for actual use only.

EvolveWare Inc. today announced the availability of its Intellisys Platform, ON-DEMAND, to document, analyze, extract business rules and modernize software applications. This offering allows customers to install Intellisys perpetually but pay only for the time period for which usage is desired. The customer is not required to sign a pre-established fixed period contract nor are there limitations on how many applications can be processed within the contracted time-frame.

The foundation for efficient management of applications is current documentation. Independent research shows that around 70% of organizations do not have referenceable documentation on the current version of applications that make up their portfolio. About 45% of these organizations admitted that if key support personnel, who held this knowledge in their memories, were to leave, the information void created would be very difficult to manage.

While the importance of documentation, in the long run, is not lost on any organization, the apathy in keeping applications documented is related to cost, especially when IT budgets are under constant pressure.

The “pay-as-you-go” licensing model will give customers access to EvolveWare’s Intellisys™ platform to automatically generate documentation on an as-needed basis at attractive prices. The same platform may also be used for comprehensive analysis of code, mining of business rules and modernization activities, again on an as-needed basis.

“It is amazing how quickly the agency was able to document, modernize and create target specifications for this large mission-critical application when over 2 years had been wasted in failed attempts using other methodologies. The speed and cost at which this project was completed surpasses anything we have seen in areas on re-learning and documenting applications.” U.K. Government Agency

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EvolveWare was founded in 2001 with a mission to automate IT Services using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It launched its first product, Legacy Modernizer, in 2007 and extended its reach to both legacy and modern applications in 2016 with the launch of its new flagship product, Intellisys. The goal – automated documentation, analysis, maintenance, rationalization, optimization and modernization of software applications.

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