Application Maintenance, Rationalization & Modernization Just Got A Lot Easier

Market leading software vendor announces a new product to make applications easier to maintain and faster to replace or migrate.

Silicon Valley, California – 8 May, 2017

EvolveWare Inc., the leading software development company in automating IT processes today announces the launch of its new flagship product Intellisys™. Intellisys has been designed to automate processes and services related to the documentation, analysis, maintenance, rationalization, optimization and modernization of software applications.

The company’s vision is to provide its clients with a single platform that will automate the management of software applications as they move through their life cycle of maintenance to modernization.

Intellisys is the successor product to EvolveWare’s Legacy Modernizer and Legacy Maintainer and will automate the documentation, maintenance, rationalization, optimization and modernization of applications written in multiple languages, both legacy and modern.

EvolveWare has worked closely with its clients, partners, and technology companies to create Intellisys that provides an unprecedented level of automation for adapting systems to new business models brought on by the internet, globalization, and competition.

EvolveWare’s clients will benefit from a modern, web-based platform that is workflow driven to aid organizations as they navigate their application portfolio through the life cycle of maintenance (documentation and impact analysis), rationalization (business rules extraction), optimization (code re-structuring) and modernization (migration to COTS products or modern languages). This platform will lead to substantial increases in productivity, making IT operations much more reliable and cost effective.

About EvolveWare Inc

EvolveWare was founded in 2001 to automate processes and services related to the documentation, analysis, , business rules extraction, refactoring and migration of software applications.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A., EvolveWare’s client base includes Federal and State Government Agencies, Financial and Insurance companies, Transportation companies and Manufacturing companies. It has drawn on the experience and knowledge of its advisors that include Bill Coleman, CEO of Veritas and co-founder of BEA Systems, and Retired Lt. General William Lord. At the time of retirement, General Lord was serving the Office of the Secretary of the U.S. Air Force as Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer.