Santa Clara, CA – EvolveWare, a leading software company in IT automation, has announced the release of Intellisys Lite. This is a cost-free web-based solution which empowers companies to assess their software applications, giving organizations an opportunity to make informed decisions to modernize their operations, improve productivity, and reduce costs of IT operations.

A Free Comprehensive Analysis of Software Applications

Intellisys Lite collects the company’s inventory of applications and provides a comprehensive analysis of their entire portfolio in terms of ease of maintenance and their candidacy for modernization. The platform also produces essential documentation of their application portfolio at no cost. Knowing all these details will allow organizations to determine the future of their portfolio and identify any deficiencies within their IT processes.

“This is the first time organizations will be able to get a preliminary analysis of their applications without paying any license fees,” said EvolveWare Business Strategy Officer Mike Helft.

Intellisys Lite is a limited version of EvolveWare’s flagship product Intellisys, which is a pay-on-demand platform that automates every aspect of a software application’s lifecycle. This lifecycle extends from maintenance and rationalization to optimization and modernization. Businesses can use the full-version of Intellisys whenever they need to without having to commit to a long-term contract.

To see how Intellisys Lite can help with assessing your application portfolio then click here to download a copy.

Organizations who install Intellisys will find it easier to maintain their applications and adapt faster to new business models and changing technologies.

About EvolveWare Inc.

Founded in 2001, EvolveWare specializes in developing solutions to automate IT processes, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Legacy Modernizer was the first product that was launched in 2007 to optimize and modernize legacy applications. The Santa Clara-based company then extended its reach to modern applications in 2016 through the release of their current flagship product: Intellisys.

With the release of the Intellisys Lite, organizations now have a path to evaluate Intellisys as they contemplate the use of automation to increase productivity through integration and cloud-enablement.

EvolveWare has worked with a wide range of clients, including financial and insurance businesses, transportation companies, and federal and state government agencies. Their web-based solution was instrumental in the modernization and migration of the US Air Force’s education and promotion system.