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State of New York

New York State Integrated Eligibility System Chooses Intellisys To Automate Business Rules Extraction from 14 Million Lines of Legacy Code

EvolveWare’s Intellisys(™) Platform is expected to save the State of New York a substantial amount of time in extracting thousands of business rules from multiple workstreams of large Unisys COBOL systems. More importantly the platform will ensure that all the embedded rules in the systems are being extracted with no gaps in the knowledge transfer.

State Government
Business Rules Extraction
Curated thousands of business rules from multiple workstreams across multiple multi-million line legacy COBOL systems

The Story

New York State took on the business transformation and technology modernization initiative to update its Integrated Eligibility System (IES) because of a variety of reasons that included enhancing the program’s objectives and making it possible to react rapidly to Federal and State regulatory changes. We believe the State selected EvolveWare’s Intellisys platform because of its ability to automatically document the current state of systems in formats understandable to both technical and business analysts, providing features to derive rules from the documented logic, and creating traceability from the rules to raw source code.  The initiative involved modernizing a number of applications, including secondary applications that support various New York State health and human services programs. To help with the initiative, IES developed a center of excellence responsible for distributing enterprise standards to ensure compliance and consistency across the multiple workstreams, thereby providing IES with the flexibility to run parallel rule extraction efforts across these workstreams.

By working together, EvolveWare and IES integrated leading practices for rules extraction within the organization’s unique legacy environment, which were in line with the overall IES business transformation vision. Additionally, EvolveWare integrated key IES feature requests into its Intellisys platform that assisted in automation, traceability, and implementation reporting.

Results To-Date
  • Successfully curated thousands of business rules from multiple workstreams within various, large, multi-million line legacy COBOL systems
  • Multi-user, web-enabled, business rules repository created, providing complete traceability down to the source code and up to the IES’ business requirements model housed in the IES Blueprint tool
  • Resource efficiencies derived during rules extraction efforts, compared to largely manual curation of rules

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