The use of Cloud technology is on the rise and businesses are beginning to see the benefits of moving critical applications to The Cloud. There are a variety of benefits:

  • increased efficieny
  • ease of access to systems
  • simpler administration
  • scalability
  • lower costs

However, there are also some potential problems when moving to the Cloud. In this article, members of the Forbes Technology Council outline some of the challenges that businesses will need to consider when they are planning to move some or all of their applications to Cloud alternatives.

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However, there some items that are not really covered by this article. Before any migration can begin it needs to be carefully planned and that needs to start with a detailed understanding of the applications that are being considered for migration. This requires analysis of the business rules that are contained in the application so the correct decisions over which applications to move and what Cloud solutions can replace them.

It is possible to carry out this activity manually, however, experience with several projects shows that this is time-consuming and significantly error prone.

The EvolveWare Intellisys ™ platform automates the process of identifying and documenting business rules in applications so that Cloud migration decisions can be made with detailed accurate information.