This is an interesting article that looks at the benefits of using a PaaS solution (Platform as a Service)when you are considering moving applications to the cloud.

It clearly outlines the benefits of the approach and also begins discussions about the new approach to serverless computing – there is a link to an article that is worth reading to find out more about serverless or “function as a service” (Faas) computing.

However, the challenge that most articles of this sort overlook, and don’t even reference, is how you should decide what to modernize and move to the cloud, what you should replace and what you should simply scrap.
There is an approach that should be followed to determine the what should be done when moving applications to the cloud.

Process to The Cloud

The diagram shows the methodology that EvolveWare uses with its clients when looking to modernize and move to the cloud. Each step in the process is supported by the Intellisys platform as it is error prone and time consuming to attempt to do this type of project manually.

The Intellisys platform automation covers all aspects of the modernization and transformation process. This starts with creating documentation of the applications in the portfolio, identifying the business rules that are embedded in each system, optimizing the code (removing redundancy and merging/splitting logic) and finally modernizing for deployment to the cloud.

For more information look at some of the other posts about modeernization or contact EvolveWare for an in-depth discussion.