In this article published in TechTarget is about thinking practically about software modernization. The article focuses on tactics that are necessary when looking at if an application should be modernized and if it should then how to do it.

It starts with understanding the current environment and – “In software modernization, application rationalizations need to document every data flow, code flow and connection between every application.”

EvolveWare’s Intellisys Platform™ is the tool that is needed to enable organizations to solve their rationalization documentation issues. Intellisys automates the extraction of meta-data from software applications to generate:

  • An inventory of all files that constitute an application
  • Logistical data (such as lines of code, commented lines, executable lines etc.)
  • Program complexity metrics down to sub-routine levels
  • Details of data entities, including the CRUD activities performed by programs on entities.
  • Details of variables
  • Identification of dead (unused) and redundant code
  • Linkage diagrams between files (JCLs, Screens, Programs, Procedures etc.)
  • Linkage diagrams between sub-routines within programs
  • Program flow diagram
  • Data flow diagram (data manipulation by programs on entities)
  • Data model in a relational format
  • Business logic in pseudo code that can be annotated in plain English, flowchart, decision tables, XML and CSV formats

By using the Intellisys platform organizations can get the information they need about what applications do, and how the applications are linked.

For the applications that are not suitable for modernization, they need to be able to continue operation in the current environment until they are retired or replaced.

Those that are scheduled for modernization need to go through the methodology that enables the planning and execution of the program.

EvolveWare has a complete process, that is supported by Intellisys, to ensure that modernization projects can be carried out in a timely and cost-effective manner. For more information contact us.