In this post, we will look at the different types of modernization approaches that are available to most organizations.

  1. Encapsulate – this approach leaves the legacy code alone and adds a wrapper to expose the application as a series of services. The interface is exposed via APIs provided by the wrapper technology. This approach works well to rapidly deploy a legacy application in a modern environment e.g. in the cloud but it hides all the issues with the legacy code and does not solve the underlying issues.
  2. Lift and shift or redeploy – Redeployment is where the application is again left unchanged but it is migrated to a more modern technical architecture. Like encapsulation, it is a relatively fast solution while not solving the legacy problems.
  3. Lift and reshape – similar to the redeployment option but in this case, changes are made to the code to make it integrate more effectively with the new architecture and to make use of some of the new facilities that will be available to it. Ideally, these are minimal changes that do not affect the structure of the code nor does it change the functionality of the application.
  4. Refactor – this approach looks at the internals of the application without changing any of its external interfaces.
  5. Re-engineer – the next step from refactoring this involves making significant changes to the application so that the application can be deployed into a modern technical environment and take maximum benefit from the features and services of the platform.
  6. Modernize – rewrite the existing application without significantly alerting the functional scope of the application. This approach is the first that removes all the issues associated with legacy applications in that it results in modern code on a modern platform that is simpler and cheaper to maintain.
  7. Drop and shop – finally this option leads to the replacement of the legacy application with COTS solutions which lets the business remove the legacy issue and also introduce new business functionality at the same time.

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