Intellisys is very quickly being recognized as a worthy successor to EvolveWare’s market-leading Legacy Modernizer.

Legacy Modernizer was launched 12 years ago as a tool that enabled businesses to transform their software to model-based applications using CA’s Cool Gen product.

Over the years EvolveWare harnessed it’s S2T™ Technology to expand the reach of the tool by (1) adding support for multiple source languages, (2) increasing deliverables over the phase of a modernization initiative, (3) adding options and features for analysis, business rules extraction and optimization, and (4) adding support for transformation of legacy applications to languages like C#, Java and PL/SQL in native format without run-time dependencies.

This provided users to automate their all their IT processes, from documentation to maintenance to rationalization and modernization.

However, as with anything that is undergoing continual development, Legacy Modernizer became more complex to use and maintain. Further, the product technology began to weigh adversely on enhancements that were necessary to keep Legacy Modernizer ahead of the competition.

This led to the development of Intellisys about two (2) years ago with a laser focus on the following:

  • Adopt solutions that would keep Intellisys at the cutting edge of technology
  • Make it cloud installable
  • Allow for integration with other IT products
  • Provide interfaces to export generated results into third-party products
  • Design a user interface that was intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Enhance results to increase value proposition
  • Add features and modules that would improve efficiency, user experience and increase overall automation

The Intellisys platform has been developed to meet the objectives above.

  1. Intellisys has been developed using the latest technologies making it more robust, dynamic and future proofed.
  2. Intellisys is a single web-based application that can be deployed locally, remotely or in the cloud.
  3. A set of APIs have been developed and published opening up Intellisys to other tools and integrations.
  4. Support has been added for export of business logic/rules into additional third-party products
  5. Intellisys uses a workflow-based user interface which is intuitive and simple to learn as opposed to the menu structure of Legacy Modernizer that required several days training for users to understand.
  6. All components are standardized in look and feel. For example, every result generating wizard in Intellisys follow the same steps.
  7. Extraction of data has been enhanced to increase value proposition of analysis, business rules extraction and optimization.
  8. Code generation has been improved and support has been added to generate microservices

Intellisys has been launched as a platform that provides support via automation at every stage of a software application’s lifecycle. Its options and features allow the user to:

  • Document their application portfolio and keep them documented – the artifacts generated include logistics report, dead code report, complexity metrics, data dictionary, data model, connectivity diagrams and business logic in multiple formats
  • Perform Impact Analysis –These features enable organizations to understand the impact of potential code changes to data, variables, logic, and processes in their applications.
  • Extract Business Rules – Organizations can analyze extracted information and derive their applications’ built-in rules and processes.
  • Optimize (Re-factor) Applications – Clean-up and optimize data and code structures and create services or microservices. This allows target systems to take advantage of newer frameworks and technologies and generate maintainable, scalable, secure and cloud-enabled code.
  • Migration –Generate code that is maintainable, scalable, secure and cloud-enabled

Legacy Modernizer enjoyed widespread success with large organizations worldwide, including, federal, state and local government.
And if continuing feedback is any indication Intellisys seems slated to enjoy even wider acceptance than Legacy Modernizer.