This article is a really good description of the issues that the government faces in dealing with its thousands of legacy applications. Click Here to read.

It has, however, missed some of the most basic issues that face not only government but any organization when looking at legacy applications. This is not unique to this article but is a common ommissions because they are so fundamental most people forget to consider them.

The real challenges any organization has with legacy applications are:

  • incomplete or inaccurate understanding of what the applications actually do. This is normally due to incomplete documentation and a lack of knowledge over what business rules are really embedded in the application.
  • the length of time it takes to bring new members of staff up to speed with an application. This will be made harder if those applications are written in legacy languages such as Cobol or PL/1.

legacy application modernization

The real need, to tackling the issues outlined in this article, is to ensure that full documentation is available that accurately defines the application and its business rules. When that has been created then the other challenges have a platform on which to work.

The Evolveware Intellisys ™ platform provides tools that allows any organization document an application and to identify all the embedded business rules.