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Leading Healthcare Insurer

Documentation and extraction of business rules from legacy application empowers healthcare provider to make informed decisions on modernization and innovation strategy. 

The client was so satisfied with the outcome of the initial project that they launched a Phase 2 project several months later for a much larger undertaking. 

Business Rules Extraction
Extracted rules from over 1.5 million lines of COBOL code across 2 projects in under 8 months

The Story

As one of the leading healthcare insurers in the nation, this client knew that an aging system combined with the burden of maintenance not only hindered their business progress but also negatively impacted their customers' experience. The company had developed a plan to modernize its entire application portfolio over several years. But to succeed in the huge undertaking, they needed a solution that would not only allow them to fully understand and document their applications but also extract business rules which were critical for their modernization initiatives.


  • Maintenance of the existing system was costly and time-consuming

  • Current documentation unavailable, leaving personnel to rely heavily on key subject matter experts

  • The burden of the legacy system was indirectly impacting their customers



  • Successfully extracted business rules over two phases
    - Phase 1: 330,000 lines of code written in COBOL
    - Phase 2: 1.2 million lines of code written in COBOL

  • Cataloged and organized extracted rules into multiple output formats such as CSV, RTF and Drools

  • Simplified processes of creating future user stories and test cases and enabled for easier replication of business logic

  • Both phases of the project were completed in 7.5 months

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