Cloud computing (The Cloud) first started being thought about in the mid-2000’s and since then has grown to be one of the biggest changes in the way enterprise applications are delivered.

No longer do organizations need to invest millions of dollars in building and deploying solutions now they can “rent” space on servers or pay for the use of systems as required.

And because it is easier, more efficient and offers huge cost savings, most organizations are now looking at how they can use The Cloud to reduce their deployment costs and time.

However, although the benefits are substantial, the task of getting systems into the cloud has been responsible for some of the highest profile data “failures” of recent times.

The challenge that businesses face and especially those with complex “legacy” systems, is how to ensure that the new Cloud solution provides the required business rules to enable the company continues to meet customer requirements and expectations.

Therefore before undertaking this sort of exercise, it is critical that organizations understand the theory behind their journey and then find automation tools that will help the right solution for their specific business needs

This Infographic is a path through the theory and the automation that is necessary to take a business on its journey to the cloud.

Journey To The Cloud