Infrastructure Modernization

Organizations that are looking to move the cloud understand they need to modernize applications, but they also need to update the infrastructure that supports the applications.
Infrastructure can also be an issue for application development because they don’t have “enough” resources to all for efficient development. There can also be a divergence between the development and the production environments that can lead to issues.
These differences will have impacts on the business in its inability to develop and deploy modern applications to support the business processes.
Infrastructure Modernization enables enterprise teams to remove bottlenecks from their application development lifecycles by adopting cloud infrastructure. A single environment is a virtual data center that contains everything an application needs to run and encapsulates infrastructure, networking, storage, OS, and memory state.
Although EvolveWare focuses on the modernization of the applications that support business operations it is essential that other technology that requires modernization also be considered. For example, it makes no sense to migrate the application away from COBOL to Java when the technical environment has not be modernized to fully support Java-based applications.
Gartner have published an article (and a report) on how to modernize your IT infrastructure in 5 steps. For more details read it here.