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Mastering Application Modernization:
Unveiling the Power of Automated Rules Extraction

Learn from experts at Deloitte and EvolveWare to understand how to future proof the management of your application portfolio using the BRE path to modernization. 

Key Takeaways: State of App Modernization 2023

Review the key takeaways from our State of App Modernization survey diving into motivations for modernization and the reality of how prepared organizations are.

The risk of insufficient application documentation

The lack of application documentation is costing more than you think. Understand the risks associated with insufficient or out-of-date documentation.

Understand your applications to plan for the future

Detailed documentation and analysis are crucial to planning for the future. Explore key requirements and customer use cases for using an understanding of your applications as your organization moves forward.

Learn from experts at Deloitte and EvolveWare to understand how to future proof the management of your application portfolio using the BRE path to modernization. 

Extract business rules to modernize your applications

Review the different use cases and client stories where rules extraction was necessary and fundamental to successful modernization.

Modernize your applications through code optimization and migration

Reducing dependency on legacy code and languages has become a key motivator for modernization. Learn about the use cases and assess the value of the code optimization and migration path to transforming your applications.

Document & analyze with confidence

Gain control over your software portfolio with current documentation and analysis tools that allow you to make accurate decisions over its life cycle.

Select the right path to modernization

Organizations need flexibility in their modernization options to adapt to varying needs. Intellisys supports two core paths to meet these requirements.

Choose how best to transform your applications

Intellisys provides you with multiple options to truly modernize your application portfolio: Extract business rules to replace or rebuild, or optimize and migrate to refactor.

Application modernization best practices

84% of organizations have accelerated their app modernization strategies recently. However, these engagements must be planned and executed thoughtfully in order to succeed. 

Modernizing government systems: challenges and best practices

Legacy modernization is the #5 priority for state CIOs. Review current motivations & process challenges and see our recommendations for how to structure the process based on years of experience and client engagement.

Steps to Application Modernization

Do you have sufficient knowledge of your applications to pick the right path to modernization? This infographic summarizes the critical steps to application modernization. 

Application documentation - Statistics

The key to maintaining or modernizing your applications is knowing their current state in detail. So, you need to have accurate and comprehensive documentation.  

Risks of manual application maintenace

Even minor change requests and bug fixes can lead to major challenges. Understand the problems that can occur with manual maintenance of applications. 

The State of App Modernization 2023

New findings on enterprise IT teams’ current application modernization priorities, preparedness, and access to the latest technologies, including some surprising disconnects around modernization goals and readiness.

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