A little bit about who we are

A brief history

EvolveWare was founded in 2001 to automate processes and services related to maintenance, rationalization and modernization of software applications.
The company’s vision was to provide its clients with a single platform that would automate the management of software applications as they moved through their life cycle of maintenance to modernization. To establish a knowledgebase for this machine-learning platform, EvolveWare developed a unique technology to extract meta-data from source code. This technology has been awarded five U.S. patents and one Australian patent. The uniqueness of this technology was given recognition by IT Week when it awarded EvolveWare the “Top 50 Technology Innovators” for 2005 and 2006. That same year in 2006, Service Provider Weekly also selected EvolveWare’s CEO, Miten Marfatia as “Person of the Year”.
EvolveWare launched two products between 2005 and 2008, the Legacy Modernizer and the Legacy Maintainer. The launch of each product and their subsequent updates and enhancements brought EvolveWare closer towards its vaunted goal – the development of a platform that would not only integrate the features of the two individual products, but would take into account the technology advances and client demand for a work-flow based user interface with new and advanced features.
The Intellisys™ platform was launched in 2015. Over the years this platform has evolved in response to changing client requirements and technology advances. EvolveWare’s dedicated team of professional engineers is firmly committed to keeping Intellisys ahead of the curve with new features and functionality.  
Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A., EvolveWare continues to work with its clients, partners, and technology companies to formulate Intellisys as the automation platform of choice to adapt software systems to business models brought on by globalization, competition and the cloud.


Client Satisfaction

EvolveWare recognizes that every client has multiple options and each option comes with expectations. We strive to provide realistic expectations. Hence we are always humbled when a client selects Intellisys, and will “bend over backwards” to ensure that this selection is well deserved.

Deliver Excellence

The Intellisys platform evolved from the Legacy Modernizer and Legacy Maintainer products in response to technological advances and client demand for new functionality and enhanced user experience. In continuation of this philosophy, EvolveWare’s design and development team is firmly committed to keeping Intellisys ahead of the curve with on-going enhancements to its patented technology, additional features and new functionality. 

Outstanding Support

EvolveWare’s commitment to a client begins with the licensing of Intellisys and ends upon the successful completion of that client’s goals. During this period, EvolveWare dedicates its resources to the training, support and guidance of client personnel, and the development of processes within Intellisys to ensure efficiency of use.

Our commitments