Application Modernization requirements are being driven by businesses needing to be agiler and are being held back by legacy applications. This article, published in Digital Journal, argues that application modernizations projects are moving to cloud-based applications so that they can re-platform, re-host, rearchitect or re-engineering these applications.

As we have seen in numerous articles recently it focuses on the Services market for carrying out application modernization projects. However, what they all appear to forget is that carrying out these projects as services exercises are costly, time-consuming and error-prone.

We have numerous case studies where automation has saved projects from failure in terms of the time taken to carry out projects or in the results of the project.

For example, one organization did a business rules extraction project using a large services company and then used the EvolveWare platform to confirm the results. The automated process discovered over 400 business rules that the services team had missed.

If you have a requirement to do application modernization projects then to help ensure their success then automation is essential. Contact us for a conversation about how Intellisys ™ can support your project teams.