Business Rules Extraction
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Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)

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State's Department of Health Care Services uses Intellisys to derive business rules as part of an audit of its Medicaid system in order to re-write the module and reflect changing requirements.

Intellisys' automated extraction abilities and features allowed subject matter experts to identify rules with a high-level of accuracy, while meeting a very aggressive schedule. 

A state's Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) critical Medicaid patient claims processing system was run by an old, undocumented and unmaintainable legacy system. The federal government mandates that the state’s systems remain current with changing legislative requirements, so it was imperative that the program be modernized for proper future maintenance. The first requirement was to extract and validate the embedded rules against the policy manual in order to transform the rules into modern code before moving to a modern platform. The state initially awarded the project to a large domestic outsourcing company. But after the project’s second year, the state was finding inaccuracies that continued to delay the project. 

The Story

  • The legacy system running critical programs was undocumented, hence no longer maintainable
  • After outsourcing the extraction project with another company, errors were found in the final deliverables, including missing rules 
  • It was impossible to determine if rules were meeting current legislative laws

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