Business Scenario:

One of the world’s largest consulting, technology and outsourcing companies was selected to help a large North American telecommunications provider consolidate their five regional billing systems into one existing strategic billing system. This telecommunications company offers mobile/wireless telephone services and has over 100 million subscribers with coverage across the U.S.A.


The merging of five regional billing systems into one strategic billing system involved:

  • Reverse engineering approximately 2 Million lines of legacy billing code written in Assembler(ALC)
  • Extracting business rules from the ALC code so that they could ensure that the strategic billing system included the business requirements provided by the ALC system.
  • Migrate required billing data into the new strategic target system

Business Objective:

Reduce the costs of operating multiple billing systems by merging five (5) systems into one.


The initial stage of the project required the extraction of meta-data from the 2 million lines of legacy code written in Assembler. This included extracting the connectivity details between the screens, programs, macros etc., the database activities and the individual business logic.

The next stage included the derivation of business rules (BRE) from the extracted business logic.

EvolveWare’s Legacy Modernizer, the predecessor to its Intellisys™ platform, was selected for both tasks.

Legacy Modernizer was first used to automate the extraction of the existing functionality covering feature functions, enterprise interfaces, and third-party products.

Thereafter the BRE features of the product were used to deactivate unused or unrequired logic and statements, merge fragmented logic and split complex logic. This resulted in the consolidation of the extracted logic into business rules. The readability of the rules were further enhanced by replacing Assembler terminology with business language making the business rules easier to read and understood by business analysts.

Project Deliverables & Time Lines:

  • Time to extract meta-data (logistics, connectivity, database activities, data model, logic etc.) – 1 month
  • Time to consolidate business logic into business rules – 1 year with 6 personnel

Business Benefit:

Using the Legacy Modernizer product, the consulting company identified and documented over 500 business rules from the legacy code. This enabled them to compare the functionality of the retiring Assembler application with the functionality of the strategic billing application and ensure that this application met the business requirements of the region where the Assembler application was being used for billing.

The telecommunications company was able to retire this Assembler application along with the associated interfaces, merging its functionality into the strategic billing application.

This resulted in a reduction of maintenance effort and running costs.

The customer has indicated that the savings from retiring this application will be approximately $10 million.

EvolveWare, Inc. has been awarded 5 U.S. Patents and 1 Australian Patent for the technology that is incorporated into Legacy Modernizer and its successor, Intellisys™. The U.S. Patent numbers are 7,769,704, 7,774,290, 7,917,457, 8,051,410 and 8,412,653 respectively. The Australian Patent number is 2007348312.  

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