Application modernization is, simply put, the replacement of an “old” application with the same functionality in a modern technical environment.

Now, the problem with application modernization is that it does not really have a business driver. In other words, the business gains no benefit from carrying out the activity.

However, there are business drivers that mean application modernization is a part of the solution. There are numerous reasons for businesses wanting to carry out application modernization projects for example:

  1. The business needs to enhance or change an application and it is not appropriate to amend the legacy application.
  2. The IT department is reducing its costs by standardizing on a more modern architecture and needs to move applications to work in the new environment.
  3. Staff recruitment to support the legacy application is proving costly and time-consuming with limited success.

Surveys show that the scale of the task for large organizations can be daunting with 80% of IT budgets being spent just keeping the legacy applications up and running. It is an intimidating task but business requirements are accelerating at such a pace that there are limited choices for CIOs but to carry out at least some modernization projects.

There are three main ways organizations carry out application modernization:

  1. The most obvious is to take the legacy application and to completely rewrite it to support the new technical architecture.
  2. Continue to support the legacy application but expose the business rules embedded in the application through a more modern interface for example as web services. This, of course, has continuing issues with supporting old architecture while wrapping the old application.
  3. Replace the application as off the shelf software either a package solution or a software as a service option. In the past, this has been an option not often considered because applications were always seen as “special” that could never be replaced by a package and that type of thinking is declining to enable speed of delivery and reducing costs.

EvolveWare’s Intellisys™ platform provides advanced support for all three of the potential approaches to modernization. If you are looking for ways to reduce costs and speed up you application modernization project then please, contact us.