If you are in the UK you will have definitely heard about the troubles TSB Bank are having (if you are not BBC News).

This is an example of yet another high-profile Banking systems failure, it serves as another reminder of both how precarious migrating legacy applications is and how such events lay the banking sector open to the ever-increasing scrutiny of the regulators and the wrath of a public who have no qualms about venting their feelings widely and loudly.

Halfway down the BBC article, you can see that the issue centers around the migration from the legacy Lloyds Bank application to a new one built for TSB. There are no clear details as to what has happened and why, but it demonstrates the challenges everyone is faced when doing legacy migration. The article goes on to point out that several regulatory bodies will now be investigating the failure and at this stage, we can only guess at the fines TSB will face.

Modernizing systems that have been in place for decades is never a simple process and as the skill set to handle such transitions and rationalizations decreases the likelihood is that the TSB issue won’t be the last.

A recent survey highlighted, one in 3 companies are ‘one retirement away’ from losing the knowledge needed to accurately manage their systems to prevent failures and keep the regulators at bay.

The reality is that the knowledge and experience needed to manage and adapt legacy systems is fast disappearing and arguably at the worst time where companies both need to modernize and keep themselves on the right side of the recent regulations.

This is one of the reasons why some of the world’s largest organizations are turning to EvolveWare’s Intellisys™ to document, rationalize and modernize applications often in advance of deployment to the cloud.

It also reduces the reliance on a small section of the workforce should anything happen to key personnel.

Proof of concept.
We are currently running a proof of concept for one of the world’s largest credit reference agencies, where we are documenting one of their legacy applications to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform.
I’d like to offer the same to you.

If you have a legacy application of up to ½ Million lines of code you’d like documented, we’d be very happy to run that and show you first hand the potential of Intellisys™

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