This article in Enterprise Mobility Exchange discusses how the application modernization services market is growing at a phenomenal rate. It is expected to grow from $7billion to $17billion by 2022. 

The growth is being fueled by the realization that businesses cannot just “throw away” all their legacy applications. These systems have been running organizations for the past 20 – 30 years and have huge amounts of knowledge embedded in them. The challenge is that the application”knows” what it is doing but in a large number of cases the business does not fully understand the what and the why of those systems.

The application modernization services market is there to help businesses understand what their current applications do and to work out how best those systems can be integrated with new more mobile and agile solutions.

To achieve this integration it is necessary to get a detailed understanding of the legacy systems and this is where the application modernization services market comes in to play. 

However, while there is a big need for services we know from past experience that mining business rules from legacy application manually is a long-winded and error-prone activity.  It is critical that whoever is performing the services, whether an in-house team or one of the system integrators, use some form of automation. 

EvolveWare’s Intellisys ™ provides a complete platform to allow businesses to:

  1. Gather the source code files of applications to be modernized. Process the code through the Intellisys Platform to build a repository of meta-data for each application. Missing files for each application will be flagged so that they may be located, processed and their meta-data appended to the appropriate repository. Use Intellisys to generate detailed documentation from the extracted meta-data.
  2. Consolidate the extracted business logic into rules and processes using business rules derivation features provided in Intellisys. The automation provided by these features not only ensures that all the embedded rules and processes are identified, but they make the task of aligning the applications to business processes simpler and faster than if done manually.
Intellisys Modernization