This article in CIO magazine points out that modernization should not be an end itself. There need to be real business needs that drive the organization into spending scarce funds on modernization projects.
These can range from critical business rules to improving the customer experience and replacing systems because of out dated technology.

There is an approach that organizations wanting to decide on a modernization approach. Before starting any modernization program, it is essential that the business knows what it has in terms of applications.
This assessment is critical to ensure the effort is spent on the right applications to achieve the most appropriate outcome. For example, if a financial organization has 10 customer management systems in its various departments (which is probably a conservative estimate) then without an understanding of the complete portfolio the modernization decisions become prone to error.

The approach we outline here is designed to allow businesses to make decisions based on sound knowledge on their application portfolios and a tried and tested methodology that will help ensure success.

There are several case studies where customers describe the success they have had using EvolveWare’s methodology and Intellisys software.

If you are considering modernizing any application then before you spend to much of your scares funds you should talk to us about approach and automation.