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Document your applications to make informed decisions on maintenance & modernization 

Without current documentation, management of your application portfolio becomes exponentially expensive over time. 

Applications evolve with changes in legislative and business policies. These updates rarely get documented except in the memory of support personnel. Hence, when these employees leave or retire, the “brain drain” is significant and becomes irreplaceable when substitute personnel have little to no knowledge of the technologies in which these applications have been developed. This not only increases the cost of keeping the software updated but also magnifies the risk when attempting to modernize them.

With Intellisys you can:

Keep your applications documented automatically.

Train incoming support personnel.

Perform analysis on the documentation artifacts to simplify maintenance and to make informed decisions on the path to modernization.

Implement the selected path to modernization via business rules extraction or code migration.

Documentation artifacts that you can generate for training & analysis

Drill-down diagrams.

Database model, database activity and entity relationship details.

Reports related to logistics, inventory, complexity, dead and redundant code.

Logic representation in multiple formats including in a neutral language that any programmer can understand.

Protecting your organization from system knowledge loss

As the “baby boomer” generation approaches retirement age, CIOs and IT decision-makers are beginning to see the knowledge gaps that their departures create. 

Analysis features that will enhance your technical team's knowledge and productivity. 

Ability to identify code that will be affected in response to legislative and business policy changes.  

Ability to generate reports that detail the use of variables along with the values they are assigned during execution.

Ability to trace data structures.

Access to a multitude of search options for focused analysis.

Identifying and Addressing Potential Security Risks in Legacy Applications

Having a complete understanding of your application portfolio is vital to combat security-related risks. However, many organizations are working with a limited view, due in part to undocumented and heavily modified legacy applications. These modifications have created blind spots, which are prime targets for security breaches in today’s rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. 

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