“The cost of re-architecting legacy applications is a key factor holding back digital transformation initiatives, a new CIO survey has reported.”

In this week’s ComputerWeekly (published in the UK) the results of a new CIO survey conducted by Capita and Citrix shows that one of the major challenges facing IT organizations is the cost of replacing their legacy applications.

The report went on to say “Re-architecting and integrating applications is difficult work, and for many CIOs, this barrier is best overcome by seeking outside help and bringing in skilled application remediation experts from a third party,”.

One of the major challenges they have when using 3rd party organizations is that they have a number of the same issues. The major problem they all face is that there is no documentation for the legacy application and, more than likely, no one left who knows exactly what the application does and how it does it.

The normal approach in this scenario is to use people to pore over the code and try time-consuming documentation and the business rules.

Experience tells us that doing this type of work with just manual effort is error prone and time consuming. EvolveWare was asked to the review the work of a manual project to extract business rules and found over 400 core rules had been missed or misunderstood by the extraction team which had no business knowledge.

The demand for automation is growing – IT organizations realize that they need to extract and understand the documentation and rules as quickly as possible to speed up the migration process.

They also recognize that with automation comes consistency. Different manual projects will document applications differently and their interpretation of business rules will be different.

With Intellisys from EvolveWare all the documentation will be standard – run the code and the documentation is produced. The business rules that are identified will all be the same and the definition of what constitutes a business rule can be tailored by the IT organization, so it meets their requirements.

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