This article is a good read for federal agencies that are looking to migrate to the cloud.
There are 4 tips that are essential information:

  1. Cloud is not a panacea to relieve you of your duties
  2. Use the cloud to consolidate and simplify
  3. Weigh the benefits of different types of clouds
  4. Embrace automation

These are really good advice but it does miss a couple of important steps.

The first is that you must understand what your applications do and which business rules they actually carry out. To do this you need an approach to develop the documentation and to extract the business rules. This, of course, can be done manually but experience tells us that this is a time consuming and error prone approach.

A much better approach is to automate and standardize so that the outputs are in the same format no matter what language the application is written in. Intellisys ™ is EvolveWare’s platform that automates the production of documentation, the extraction of business rules and the generation of micro-services.

By generating micro-seervices from legacy code will potentially speed the migration to the cloud.

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