Where ever you turn in the technology arena there are hundreds of stories about how organizations are trying to gain competitive advantage by using digital technology and in most cases, it is moving applications to the cloud.

However, and it is a huge however, the IT organizations that are tasked with taking advantage of these technological leaps and bounds quite often cannot do it.

It is not that they are unwilling, nor do they lack the appropriate knowledge and skills. The challenge is they are consumed with managing their legacy applications.

Research tells us that, on average, and IT organization will spend 75% of its budget “keeping the lights turned on” and most of that is focused on legacy code.

The issues are well known:

  • No documentation
  • Out of date languages
  • Most organizations are 1 retirement away from disaster
  • Applications that have been amended for decades
  • Interconnections between applications that are too dangerous to touch

The more critical the move to the cloud becomes for an organization the worse the problems faced by the CIO and IT departments.

One of the first barriers to replacing the legacy applications that is faced by the IT organization is the state of the code. It will have had change piled on change all done by different programmers in slightly different styles.

And to make matters worse, the documentation will not have been kept up to date – developers hate writing documentation and it is even harder to do when trying to keep old documentation up to date.

Of course, the original developers have moved on or retired and so their pool of knowledge has disappeared as well.

In fact, the single biggest challenge to successfully deploying modern enterprise software is custom coding in a dead language by long-forgotten developers.

The very first thing that must be done is to create documentation for the legacy applications. But it must be done in such a way that all the applications are documented in a standard format so that new staff can easily pick up any system and understand the documentation.

Intellisys by EvolveWare provides the ability to automatically document any legacy application in a standard method. Developers don’t need to worry about creating the documentation they just need to use it as the cornerstone of the migration to modern solutions.

To learn more about Intellisys sign up for one of the demonstrations coming in September.