Application modernization is a major initiative for the US government at the moment. A recent act of legislation (the Modernizing Government Technology Act) gave the necessary background for federal agencies to apply for a budget to update their legacy applications. This comes after the 2018 President’s Management Agenda identifies the number one cross-agency priority goal as IT modernization.

Now, this seems to be well overdue. Recently over 2/3 of the federal IT Budget has been spent on running and supporting the old legacy systems.

The challenge for any organization starting application modernization projects, whether government or commercial, is that they consider the technological aspects and impacts but seem to forget the people side.
There are some non-technical aspects of these projects that should be considered carefully before proceeding.

Firstly, because the project is all about modernization a legacy business application it cannot simply be done by technical staff. The business simply must be involved in reviewing what the old application does to make sure that it is doing what the business thought it was doing and what the business required it to do.
The big challenge here is that 99+% of business people will not be able to read the code the legacy application is written in. The chances of there being up to date business documentation about the application’s functionality is low to none. Therefore, IT departments tend to think they are the only people that need to be involved.

Secondly, this is a learning game. With the hundreds and thousands of applications that need to be reviewed for potential modernization, no organization can know how they should best do it unless they run proofs-of-concept internally first.

If you were buying some new software, you would want to try it first the same should be true of a major new process that could consume lots of money and take a long time.

EvolveWare’s Intellisys platform has been designed to tackle both these problems. It has the tools to enable the complex, old code to be translated into business language so that the analysis of the code from a business perspective can be done more easily and by the right people.

The implementation approach adopted by EvolveWare is to always run a proof-of-concept to ensure Intellisys will work with the customers’ code and way of working.

If you would like to see a demonstration of Intellisys to understand what it could do to simplify your application modernization program then click here.

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