Introducing Intellisys

Automated Thinking

The successor to the Legacy Modernizer.



Automatically extract embedded information from your applications including its program and business logic.

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Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

Use a web-based platform to understand the impact of potential code changes to data, variables, logic and processes in your applications.

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Business Rules Extraction

Business Rules Extraction

Use a web based platform to analyze extracted information and derive your applications’ built-in rules and processes.

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Clean-up, modify and optimize the code structure to re-generate maintainable, scalable and secure code.

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Optimize and re-factor your application data model, rules and processes, thereafter transforming it to newer frameworks and technologies.

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See what EvolveWare’s customers have to say about Intellisys and the benefits it has brought to their IT departments.

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Evolveware Intellisys Logo
Evolveware Intellisys Logo

A platform that provides automation to every aspect of a software portfolio life-cycle:
From maintenance, to rationalization, to optimization, to modernization.

What Is Your Goal?

Intellisys provides the following solutions to satisfy your application portfolio requirements



Intellisys Life Cycle

Imagine a platform that provides automation to every aspect of a software portfolio life-cycle:
from maintenance, to rationalization, to optimization, to modernization….





Why Choose Intellisys?

At EvolveWare we understand that successful organizations are those that are able to make informed decisions across their business so as to control costs, deliver excellent customer service and respond to market and technology challenges.

Valuable Partners

EvolveWare brings flexibility and automation to a partner’s IT practice with products that mitigate risk, increase productivity and result in substantial savings in effort, time and cost. Intellisys automates the assessment, documentation, review, analysis, audit, business rules extraction, optimization and migration of software applications

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Installation & Setup

Intellisys is a web-based platform that may be downloaded for installation in-house or off-site. Setup requires a Windows system with a SQL Server database and Internet Information Services (IIS) enabled.

Regular Updates

EvolveWare releases periodic updates for the Intellisys knowledgebase as well as additional features to increase productivity. These updates and features can be downloaded by all existing clients as part of the standard support included with the licensing of this platform.

24 Hour Support

EvolveWare’s support teams are strategically located in 3 different time zones, U.S., U.K. and India. This allows our clients, worldwide, to contact an EvolveWare support team at any time over a 24 hour period.

Your Success
Is Our Success

The acceptance by a client that Intellisys brings value to their environment and services is a source of personal pride for EvolveWare. To ensure this recognition EvolveWare remains continuously engaged with the client, providing superlative support as well as customization necessary to meet every requirement.

Our Values

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

EvolveWare recognizes that every client has multiple options. Hence we are always humbled whenever Intellisys is selected to provide a solution and will strive to ensure that this selection is well deserved.

Deliver Excellence

Deliver Excellence

The Intellisys Platform evolved from the Legacy Modernizer and Legacy Maintainer products in response to technological advances and client demand for new and enhanced features. In continuation of this philosophy, EvolveWare’s design and development team is firmly committed to keeping Intellisys ahead of the curve with on-going enhancements to its patented S2T® Technology, additional features and new functionality.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

EvolveWare’s commitment to a client begins with the licensing of Intellisys and ends upon the completion of that client’s goals. During this period of engagement, EvolveWare uses its resources towards the training and support of client personnel, the optimization of the Intellisys Platform, and the customization of the platform to ensure efficiency of use.

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Client Feedback

Below are testimonials from some clients.

Through design, automatic conversion based on EvolveWare’s automated legacy conversion product, manual coding, and testing, their team efficiently executed a well-planned process in converting 500,000 lines of COBOL/CA-IDEAL/DATACOM to the Microsoft Platform in 10 months, a very aggressive schedule, which was met on budget

U.S. County Government

Using EvolveWare’s automated BRE solution helped us in achieving our target of extracting business rules from the patient claims processing module of the State’s Medicaid system. The tool’s automated extraction abilities and feature set allowed subject matter experts to identify the embedded rules with a very high level of accuracy. The project met a very aggressive schedule and was completed in time on a fixed budget

U.S. State Government

With EvolveWare’s automated optimization and migration solution, we were able to modernize and migrate a critical defense department’s recruitment system in record time. We were astonished to find out how fast we were able to transform an old undocumented system into a modern multi-tiered architecture in Java

U.S. Federal Government

With EvolveWare’s automated optimization and migration solution, we were able to modernize and migrate a critical U.S. Air Force education and promotion data system in record time. We were astonished to find how fast we were able to transform an old, undocumented system into a modern, multi-tiered architecture in Java.

Bill Lord

Retired Lt. Gen., United States Air Force

We have partnered with Evolveware for over 5 years. Their solutions are far superior to any others we have looked at and they continue to innovate and mature their product so that they are always on the leading edge of technology. We have used them successfully to rescue US Air Force code and modernize it, and we now use the Intellisys solution exclusively for our customers’ needs around Application Rationalization. In partnership with them we have developed a premier solution for helping our customers understand their millions of lines of legacy code and giving them evidence to make smart decisions for the disposition of their applications – and a roadmap for success.

Pete Fredericksen

Senior Vice President, Diligent Consulting Inc.

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