Know Your Software
Automatically extract the structure, logistics, program flow, data flow and data model of your applications. Details >>
Understand Your Applications
Automatically extract embedded information from your applications including its program and business logic. Details >>
Business Rules Extraction
Derive Rules And Processes
Use a web based platform to analyze extracted information and derive your applications' built-in rules and processes. Details >>
Application Modernization
Cloud-Enable Your Applications
Optimize and re-factor your application data model, rules and processes, thereafter transforming
it to newer frameworks and technologies.  Details >>
Impact Analysis
Measure Effects of Code Changes
Use a web-based platform to understand the impact of potential code changes to data, variables, logic and processes in your applications. Details >>
Application Maintenance
Optimize & Secure Your Applications
Clean-up, modify and optimize the code structure to re-generate maintainable, scalable and secure code. Details >>


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